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Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center

The Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center offers a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program focused on long-term care. This competency-based course covers a wide range of topics, including anatomy, physiology, nutrition, medical terminology, and an introduction to diseases and disorders. The curriculum places a strong emphasis on safety principles, infection control, and the fundamental philosophy of nursing. Moreover, it integrates effective methods for addressing the social and psychological needs of patients.

In this program, students have the opportunity to practice nursing skills and clinical procedures in a classroom skills laboratory before applying their knowledge in real-world community health facilities. Upon successful completion of the program, which includes 60 hours of theory and 110 hours of clinical practice, students become eligible to take the state certification test. Passing this examination qualifies graduates to seek employment in healthcare facilities as Certified Nursing Assistants.

The enrollment eligibility criteria for this program are quite inclusive, as any individual aged 18 and above is eligible for enrollment. For those under 18 who are currently high school students, approval from their high school’s administration is required, along with written consent from their parent/guardian and home school.

Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center, operating under the Division of Adult and Career Education of the Los Angeles Unified School District since 1966, offers a variety of high-quality educational programs. These programs encompass adult secondary and basic education, career and technical education, English as a Second Language, and citizenship education. The Adult Basic and Secondary Education programs, for instance, enable students to earn diplomas or equivalency certificates, providing opportunities for educational advancement. Career and Technical Education courses equip students with practical, hands-on skills relevant to their chosen career paths, culminating in certificates that attest to their proficiency in specific competencies. This multifaceted approach to education ensures that students receive a comprehensive and well-rounded learning experience.

The Maxine Waters Employment Preparation Center is located at 10925 South Central Avenue in Los Angeles, CA 90059. They can be reached by phone at (323) 357-7700 or faxed at (323) 566-0147. More information about the program and the center’s offerings can be found on their website at

Program InformationDetails
Program Duration4 months
Class SchedulesMonday-Thursday: 4:00 pm โ€“ 7:45 pm
PrerequisitesHigh school approval for under 18s
Certification EligibilityYes
Location10925 South Central Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90059
Phone(323) 357-7700
WebsiteMaxine Waters Employment Preparation Center
Job PlacementNo
Online ClassesNo
Free ClassesNo